Saturday, January 10, 2015


A VERY BELATED 2015 RESOLUTION. There are quite a lot of resolutions and goals that I am gonna set for myself in 2015. I have been thinking over in the past weeks of what I am not capable of and what I am in need to improve. For some sensitive resolutions, I am gonna skip the convo in blog, but for my long-time-no-updates blog or even physical issues that I am encountering, here are the 5 resolutions I am planning for. I hope I can finish them in the first half of the year, hopefully.

1/ Revamp! The structure of this blog is way to messy for myself to find the articles back, and i seriously need a better arrangement and editorial plan with the categories and labels organised, and of course planning for SEO, where I should steal the tricks from after my last training lesson. Lets finish this resolution asap and start writing more posts up here.

2/ Invest in quality instead of quantity. Of course I am talking about shopping. and yep, I have been buying quite a lot in 2014 and they are stacking in my closet without being touched. Looks like I should have think twice before buying.

3/ Go green & lose weight. Go green for detoxifying my body after eating McDonald's french fries, which I probably cannot resist. Lose weight is basically my every year resolution, and this goal will never disappear unless your weight goes under 100lbs.

4/ Think big & Be creative. I am not the person who loves regular work, the more ad hoc the more competitive things will go. Trying to think a step more can hopefully make things less boring.

5/ Start learning a new language. Probably Korean or French. This have been on my list for quite a while, and the more languages you knew the more chance you will have! >> I don't know why this is always my theory.

6/ Extract my wisdom tooth.  Should be teeth, as there are three of them. Argh. It's gonna hurt. Ew.

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