Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Not like usual, I am not going to show you my personal style today, but to introduce you a site that I am in love at the first sight. A site that can help you achieve a New York style home with indulgence - is an e-commerce site that is very taken away from the trend of "fast fashion". Their "limitless essentials" products are being produced with special editions of signature designs on a regular basis. To maintain their high-quality goods with a distinctly urban identity, they are manufactured in the Garment District in New York City. Every item that they produced can be worn in endless ways & endless occasions, and are conceptualised with versatility and utility. 

I have been in love with their products, and here I have chosen 6 items from that I particularly love.
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p.s. It's been quite a (LONGGGGG) while for me to write up here, my last update here was in Sept. Sorry for not keeping you all posted, but when you have to work till 9pm almost every night in office, I dare you don't want to turn on your computer at home, but instead getting yourself a nice shower and lie on the bed immediately (by that time it's already 1AM, every one wants to have their beauty sleep). Anyways, since I have just been to Korea last week, I got loads to show you later! If you want more instant updates from me, remember to FOLLOW my Instagram @thetallnshort


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