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GOOD MORNING HONG KONG. I am honored to be the first blogger in Hong Kong to work with IMPREINT (, an artist who painted balloons that represent the differences and imperfection of human. To embrace the art environment, me - the art novice, chose JCCAC - one of the well-known art and craft center, over the famous tourism places in Hong Kong since it’s SUNDAY FUNDAY on the shooting day (oops, it rhymes.). Those tourism places must be super crowded with trolley suitcases around town, where you aren’t able to get a good shoot.

Back to the topic of IMPREINT, I chose a red balloon to pop out from my outfit, and it’s the best color to go with my new denim coat that I am ready to welcome autumn when the mid-autumn festival will arrive a month later. 

[the red ballon from IMPREINT]

Here’s a little interview with IMPREINT:

Q: When and where did you start Portraits?
A: On 16 December 2013 in Notting Hill, London.

Q: Why using balloons as the major concept of Portraits?
A: The balloons represent the symbol but it could be anything else. It's the fact to see portraits of people with a common object that makes them united and equal.

Q: How is the concept of Portraits created?
A: When I was painting the 1000 balloons I was continuously thinking and looking at them like people. The paintings evolved into videos and through them I understood the importance of how the same scene could be seen with different prospective through the balloon. During an exhibition in London I decided then to run the project Portraits for one year to continue this conversation with the public.

Q: Which city will be the up next target for the Portraits? Why?
A: Tendency is to don't plan a lot preferring follow the concept, the dream, to evolve in a natural and spontaneous way with the circumstances. Whoever feel something inside himself connected with the project so can participate.

Oversized Denim Jacket | John Galliano
White Shirt “The Devil’s Advocate” | IZZUE
Sneakers | Superga
Denim Watch | Tissot
Pink Activity Tracker Device | Fitbit

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To know more about IMPREINT:

Post collaborated with IMPREINT.


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