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GUCCI PREMIÈRE EAU DE TOILETTE - the everyday fragrance that have a more subtle scent that can freshened up yourself . I feel empowered every time when spraying toilettes on, not to say which brand that I am particularly in love with, but I can ensure you flower blossom/ fruity sweet scents are my all time favourites. 

Back to the topic, as the face of the original Gucci Première Eau de Parfum, Blake Lively, the couture style icon crowned by different magazine publications, reprises her role for this new, softer Eau de Toilette. In the video below, Blake again brings her own brand of feminine strength and assurance to the promotional campaign for this launch. I just simply love her from Gossip Girl, Serena van der Woodsen. Anyways, you can get Gucci Première Eau De Toilette in Sephora. If you wanted to know more about the toilette, click to read more below.


Associating with the same collection, but with a lighter, more delicate incarnation of the house’s memorable signature scent. The bottle and the packaging still incorporates many details and design motif with the Eau de Parfum: a medal charm around the neck, the script signature of founder Guccio Gucci and the iconic stripes. As the juice inside, the colour of the box has been redesigned to a muted gold, rather than a strong dazzling hue like the eau de parfum.

While adhering absolutely to the beautiful fragrance silhouette of the original Eau de Parfum,  Gucci Première Eau de Toilette has a new bold brightness – radiant flowers and sparkling citrus notes bring a new lightness to the fragrance. While the Eau de Parfum represents a red carpet moment, Eau de Toilette is softer, offering all the presence of the original, but with an added freshness that makes it ideal for everyday use. It contains the scent of Orange Blossom, Light Citrus Oils, White Flowers and more. As the fragrances dries on skin, the subtle but tenacious warmth of leather, patchouli and musky notes complete the fragrance’s captivating charisma.

Get Gucci Première Eau De Toilette in Sephora.

Get Gucci Première Eau De Toilette in Sephora.

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