Thursday, May 15, 2014


ART BASEL aka. the International Art Fair (old name). Been here for a few times, but it's the first time being invited, not because I am now part of the Hearst Magazine, but a guest of Audemars Piguet. Sculptures, paintings, digital arts piece designed by international designers. I was particularly fascinated by the "ping pong go-around" where you can play a mass ping pong match on a doughnut shape table. 

The second sculpture that fascinated me will probably be the man lying on the floor, which if you have followed my Instagram you will know that I have already upload the image with a caption - "i saw someone got drunk in the art basel and fell over on the floor. No one wants to help him out.". A few of my friends texted me and questioned whether this man is real or not. The answer is NO, its just a sculpture - an surreal art piece. 

Third art piece that I wanted to present is also a surreal sculpture - a woman who covers her face, which creeped me out when I tried to peep on how her face looks like. yeah man! this is a sculpture too. *creepy*

And.. as a Harper's BAZAAR employee, I am proud to present the BAZAAR Art Magazine! So if you happens to go there tmr till 18th, please visit our booth outside the venue and grab your own copy!

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