Saturday, February 15, 2014


ARIZONA MUSE. Particularly in love with the effortless loose, textured bob hairstyle.

How to: Arizona Muse’s loose, textured bob
  1. Begin working on this hairstyle by prepping up. On towel dried hair, apply a good amount of a light styling oil. This will help build the hold, adding body, while also cohering the wet texture.
  2. Proceed in blow drying the hair using small circular motions. Instead of trying to create volume by blow-drying your hair with your head hanging upside down, try tilting your head sideways, blow drying in the opposite direction to how your hair normally falls.
  3. Flick the hair back once it is about 90% dry and start working towards creating the waves. To do this, pick small sections of hair, roll them around a medium size round bristle brush and finish off blow drying the hair. This will help build movement from roots to ends.
  4. With each new wave you create, make sure you pin in up, allowing it to cool off without the added weight. This is important, as the cooling off time is what helps the movement persist.
  5. Next, brush your hair completely using an oval paddle pure bristle brush to relax the waves, and to give your hair volume but also perfect luster. The more natural you want your hairstyle to appear, the more you need to brush your hair.
  6. To finish off the look and give it that signature element of moisture, apply a natural styling oil beginning at the mid-lengths and working your way towards the ends.
  7. For more of an absolute wet hair look, you can apply the oil all throughout the hair and allow it to morph into a full new statement.

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