Friday, January 3, 2014


Black Biker. Missing out a motorbike to complete the first outfit of the year. I bought this motor shearling / velocite jacket at the first day of ZARA sales, which is still on right now. If you wanted the jacket, you better go ZARA now, before it's all gone! I was wearing the smallest size, and it's still a little oversized to me, but anyways oversized is a trend this winter. All coats needed to be oversized!

Just like the world famous supermodel, Tyra Banks, said, when it comes to photo shoots, we needed to find the light, and this is what I did. Sunset sunbeam on my face, and then the color of the pictures looks perfectly well with the Victoria Habour background at the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Oh, and how can I miss out the NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS:

  1. Keep the basics & shop for some statement pieces. Stop shopping for something useless that will keep in the wardrobe without touching for a year. Shop for some french basics, such as white shirt, white blouse, black pumps, etc., but go bold on the necklaces and accessories to accomplish different looks. I wanted to look clean and more stylish and chic, yet elegant like a Korean.
  2. Lose 10 pounds weight. Yes. I have to stop eating carbs that much, it's time to go GREEN, eat green, drink green. Go hike and go gym more than in 2013.
  3. Be a globetrotter. Going somewhere that I have never been to, or just somewhere far away from Hong Kong. I hope to take planes more than I took a cab/taxi.
  4. Work harder on Hopefully getting more people to know my blog, work harder on every post, hopefully having both English and Chinese translation on my blog, so I can grab different kinds of readers and show you all what I am capable with. 
  5. Be tough and sort all the things out. Hope all the bad things go away, and earn trust everywhere.
  6. Learn a new language. I wanted to learn either French or Korean (hangul). But seems like Korean will be the first choice, because I am addicted to a drama called the Heir. (omg. that guy is so handsome)
  7. Get a new phone. I cannot tolerate my S4 anymore, when it keeps restarting or shutting down itself. I wanted to change my phone back to iPhone. I should trust my own instincts instead of listening to other people who said Samsung is better. This is one of the thing that I regretted so much last year.
  8. Be patience and control my temper. I have been getting annoyed easily in 2013, I should do better in 2014.
  9. Make more friends. Both in real world and the virtual world, I wanted to know more international bloggers, hopefully meeting them too.
  10. Be Brave. Brave on styling myself, getting myself a nice dress. I literally got no dresses at home.

#OOTD Outfit of the day:
ZARA leather shearling biker jacket (Similar HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE)
ZARA coating skinny jeans (Similar HERE)
CÉLINE Nano bag (Similar HERE)
ZARA combat boots (old)

And... I am shopping for some minions to help me and give me positive energy this year!


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