Saturday, December 14, 2013


IT'S TIME FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS. FOR HER. (or for ME!).  I am basically choosing something that I want for this coming Christmas. I knew there is someone out there who needed to get an idea on what to buy for me. :D YOU know what to do. lol. I am just kidding. 

// I am currently obsessed with the heavy chunky knit sweater over lace dress/ slip dress look, that feminine looks simply kills me.
// These mid heel pumps are made for walking! With the T-strap and the nude velvets that will blend with your skin, this is probably one of the best ankle boots after the Alexander Wang cut out boot.
// Adding some color to your wardrobe in winter is a must in 2013.
// I need some business cards as a blogger, as an online marketing manager, as a..... i dont care, i just need this one to replace my heavy wallet.
// This is already in my wishlist for quite a long time, and since I couldn't find any similar ones in Hong Kong, this product is going to be on my x'mas wishlist.
//I notice this company from Andy Heart, who introduces us with a giveaway of this product, and my friends and I are in love with this Jennie Kwon designs.
//I need to support blogger designs, they now have long sleeves sweaters and also the donut tee too!
//I need some Christmas readings, but this is in Italian. Chiara, if you happen to see this, please make an English version. I need this.
//This is in English. Simply wanted to read more writings from the international bloggers, and Leandra Medine is one of the best among all bloggers. I love how crazy and man repeller she is.
// Another slip dress that can wear under the sweaters or a tailored blazers, with ankle booties
// When it comes to X'mas, we need some red bags yet that can help and donate to the charity, so even the people who got sickness can still have a happy x'mas!

Dr. Jart+ Ceramindin Liquid & Cream
// They are very good for a dry weather. Chérie S tested with her combination skin.
//Love the brushes and the eye palette. Glamourous.
//I want the smallest bottle one, it looks so cute, and it is enough for me, coz I never finished any perfumes that I have ever bought.
// I have never used urban decay things, since Sephora's store in MK has already shut down. Every beauty vlogger from YouTube wants it.
//The best lotion ever, even my family is using the same thing. I feel so hydrated after using this.
//The best lipstick that I have ever use in my life. 

Stay tuned if you are wanted to get more ideas on FOR HIM.


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