Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Last weekend was fun but exhausted. Twinkle Dance students were performing in Elements, one of the luxury shopping mall in Hong Kong, for a series of Christmas shopping mall shows. From Nutcracker to Diamond to Applause, students were confidently performing without any sense of stage fright in their custom made amazing costumes. (you can get similar ones in tutulamb)

Like every year, I am part of the Twinkle Dance Crew, volunteer for taking care of more than 20 monkeys. Literally, MONKEYS! The atmosphere can be heated up in 3 mins, and they started to climb  and tickle you once their parents left the changing room to the front stage.  Some of them even played games that I couldn't understand, as if I am too old to understand. Generation Gap. Oops. Here's all the footage of the behind the scene. You can check out Twinkle Dance's fanpage for more photos.

#TwinkleDanceCrew - my favorite hashtag of the week. I created this crew name with hashtag on Instagram, so do find our pics up there! stay tuned for more pics.

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...more pictures and videos after the jump...

girls helping each other out for the ribbons on waist

cuteness overload

i look chubby. *shocked* special thanks to the 5 years old student (forgot her name, sorry) for this pic. 

ready for their performance

Girls doing their splits.

Christmas decorations in Elements, Hong Kong #elexmas


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