Tuesday, December 3, 2013


After this super intense week, I announce I AM FREEEEEEE! TIME TO HAVE FUN!!!! I am done with my master dissertation, and I don’t want to touch that 20k words essay anymore, not looking back or read any stuffs that I wrote, throwing away all my forensic notes, book closed. ((Contented))

Now I need a long peaceful, relaxing, comfortable weekend, which I can be lazy, sleep till 1ish pm every day, but this is not gonna happen. DUH. I need to work ((heart sink to the bottom of the sea)). But the good news is... I can do more outfit post from now on, and hopefully having a post a day! HOPEFULLY :) That's why I throw on this multi stupid geeky bunny sweater, and the Jimmy Choo buckle boots that I bought last year to celebrate the joy of "I am done with my master degree~". Congratulations to myself!

經過一個星期的博鬥,我終於自由啦,是時候盡情地享受我的十二月!我不想再去碰哪兩萬字的論文,要把所有的筆記掉丟,書也不再打開它了!((滿足)) 我要一個悠長假期,可是這所謂的悠長假期只維持一天就要開工了((心情立刻掉到谷低去)) 不過沒關係,時間變多就有時間拍更多穿搭照片!為了慶祝我終於完成我的碩士學位,我穿了這件有點兒傻傻的兔子上衣,配上去年買的jimmy choo短靴,輕輕鬆鬆地享受我僅有的假期囉~

Multi Stupid Geeky Bunny Sweater
Jimmy Choo Youth Suede Biker Boots
ZARA Skinny Jeans
Mirror Wayfarer 
Tag Bracelet from Mini Feast Taiwan
Santos de Cartier watch

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