Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Brrrrrrr.... it's just 8 degrees uphill in Dai Tong, Yuen Long. Although it's a little chilly up there, the fever of hiking and photography passionates heated up the vibe to have a peek on those "red" leaves (they are not red enough yet, i suggest you to go there next week). With the experience last year walking uphill for almost an hour, I wore my old combat boots just in case my feet got sore, and a coat that has to be as comfortable as possible yet I can still keep warm from the chilly weather. To make the outfit more interesting, I added this tan scarf with tiny details of snowflakes, and of course the new chesterfield padding Chanel Le Boy :)

冷……. 元朗大棠這裡最多只有8度左右,可是有不少行山、攝影的愛好者都襯熱鬧來到這裡一睹絕少在香港看到的紅葉!我這個星期去只有唯一一棵樹有紅葉,所以你會看到人群只圍住它~因為有去年的經驗,走上山要差不多一小時,所以要穿得輕便,穿舊鞋會比較好~當然因為應節的關係,我加上了有雪花的黃褐色圍巾,也少不了我新買的Chanel Le Boy。

Navy & Camel Coat : Local Store in Hong Kong (Similar HERE)
Navy top with faux shirt : Local Store in Hong Kong (Similar HERE, HERE)
Skinny Jeans : Zara Women (Similar HERE, HERE)
Combat Boots : ASOS (Similar HERE)
Bag: Chesterfield padding Chanel Le Boy in medium (Similar HERE)
Scarf : Muji


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