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SERIOUSLY! I NEED SOME CLOTHES FOR MY X'MAS PARTY! I don't want something that is common on the street or any brands that you can find in malls, so I decided to go online shopping, and the online store must have FREE SHIPPING. You probably don't wanna buy products with shipping fees that are even more expensive than what you want, right?! ((i have been experiencing this a lot, and turns out I bought nothing from those stores. lol. free shipping is important, merchants!)) 

I recently found this nice store called -, one of the leading global online destination that provides a variety of high quality products, with both vintage and modern styles that suits almost everybody. Free shipping and their affordable prices are the reasons that I shop from them, and here's the good news for you all~ I am collaborating with for launching a GIVEAWAY!! ((That's what we called "JET-SO" in Hk, meaning that there is something free for you to get))

I have chosen six products that I love from for you, and they will soon be yours if you participate the GIVEAWAY below! Winners will be selected randomly and will be contacted through email on January 6th, 2014. This giveaway will last for a month!

說真的,我是要買聖誕節的衣服去跑趴啦~還有不到一個月就來了,我很心急唷~可是又不想去哪些走在旺角就肯定會撞衣服的舖~ ((因為我知道他們在哪裡批發啦)) 更不想去大型的連所店去買!哪我怎麼辦,就去網購啦 ((根本就懶嘛....死都不承認 XD)) !可是我一定要去哪些FREE SHIPPING的店,因為每次去沒有FREE SHIPPING的店,他們要我付的郵資都比我想要買的東西貴!((超不爽的,所以最後就是沒有買了....))

說怎麼多就是要介紹好店給你們 -! 
````Free Shipping~有!````價廉物美~有!((我怎麼掰這種嘔心的成語 XD))
今天,我就跟 RoseGal.com合作~ 送你我選的好物好單品(下面)~

Click on the links to have a better detail view on each product:
  1. Party Candy Color and Triangle Design Women's Evening Bag (USD$17.14)
  2. Charming Sexy Scoop Neck Off-The-Shoulder Design Long Sleeves Imitated Pearl Chiffon Women's Shirt (USD$18.66)
  3. Vintage Polo Collar Loose-Fitting Heart Shape Print Women's Shirt (USD$19.92)
  4. Vintage Style Large Hem Floral Print Women's Skirt (USD$17.90)
  5. Elegant Solid Color and Sparking Glitter Design Women's Evening Bag (USD$19.66)
  6. Long Sleeves Scoop Neck Tie-Dyed Gorgeous Night Sky Pattern Korea Style Loose-Fitting Casual Women's Sweater (USD$16.44)
To win ONE of these products,  Enter the giveaway:

** no worries if you don't like the products that I have selected for you below, coz you can choose any products that are below USD$20 from instead**
**不喜歡我選的也沒關係,你可以到 選你喜歡的物品,可是不能超過美金$20~**


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