Friday, December 20, 2013


SHEARLING / AVIATOR JACKET. Something that I wanted so badly this winter to keep myself warm under 8 degrees without a heater beside. Years ago, I might still want a real fur coat, but with PETA releasing the cruel production of the angora rabbit fur coats, SHOCKED! Plucking eyebrows are already a brutal experience to me once two weeks or a month. Imagine if you are the bunny, and all your fur will be plucked out of your poresssss, how painful it will be. If you wanna channel that fur coat style, choose faux fur instead, they are fibers and can still keep you warm like real fur coats do.

Back to the topic! Since I wanna have a fluffy coat, I have been debating on either a teddy coat or a shearling jacket, but i choose shearling over teddy because i am a slightly messy person yet due to the seriousness of air pollution in Hong Kong, I am very sure that the teddy coat will be extremely dirty and dust clotting between the fibers. oops...... :(

Shop this look:

Shop this look:

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