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There is always things that I wanted to buy every month. Nope. It should be every week or even every day! I have been working with my computer and phone from day to night, from every morning 8:30am to midnight 2am. I am totally a computer nerd yet I am super passionate on fashion blogs and digital marketing stuffs, I worked with fashion blogs and I am fashion blogger, so I am basically enjoying myself reading products and blogs every day, so there are stuffs that catches my attention and aroused my jealousy, which makes me WANTING SOMETHING! I am introducing you with what I am currently obsessed with, or things that are on my wish list right now! I have already provided the link below if you are interested on the product too! Enjoy!

The bag that is on the top of my list. A bag that I have been wanting it for long long time. :)
Saint Laurent Duffle Bag in bright red! Even though I got the Givenchy Antigona a month or two ago, I am obsessed with this Saint Laurent bag, I debated in my head when I got the Givenchy Antigona, and I still obsessed with this Saint Laurent Duffle bag now, when WEWOREWHAT keep posting instagram pics with this bag, which kind of brain-washed me already. I want this bright red to give me a pop of color in this winter. Should I get it? Ummmm.....

(you can get this in YSL)

Click more to check out my whole WISH LIST for this October!

Forever 21 Sleek Cut Out Boots. The shoe style that I have been spying for more than 6 months. The first time I realized about this kind of shoes are from Alexander Wang, and of course Alexander Wang shoes are the ones that I dreamt of. However, I don't quite invest much on shoes in this stage, cause I got a horrible experience. I have tried buying a quite expensive brand shoe, which cut my flesh out on both of my legs, I cannot even walk for the whole week and spend another few hundreds on buying adhesive bandages. Worst experience ever, but the pair of brand shoes is not Alexander Wang, no worries. :) The following boots are from F21, which is similar to the pair from Alexander Wang. It's only under HKD$300 (HKD$289 or HKD$298.. I forgot), so I think it's worth getting one for fun.
(you can get this in Forever 21)

Leather Pants. Leather is my companion in every fall winter. It's a must-have texture for me, no matter it's leather shoe, leather bag, leather wallets, leather coats. I have always wanted LEATHER! I cannot find any leather pants from ZARA, but I found the jeggings. If there is any leather pants from your store, please contact me to have a look, I really want a leather pant, the one with a zip and button at the front, not jeggings.
(you can get this in ZARA)

Lingerie as outerwear. Another leather lingerie inspired top from ZARA. I wanted to try this outfit when I saw that I can actually wear a turtleneck inside this leather lingerie top.
(you can get this in ZARA)

Structured Turtleneck. I am not sure if this is the name to call on this type of tops, but I think this type of tops are inspired by Steve Jobs, but you have to pair these kind of tops with skinny jeans and ankle boots, instead of light washed jeans plus a white kswiss sport shoes. lol. I love these tops, especially a navy one.
(you can get this in ZARA)

Pale Pink Coats & Suits. Every one is talking about pale pink coats this season, from magazines to bloggers, pale pink coats are trending, and how can I not wanting one. Another style that I wanted to try for is the monotone suit, dressing up a style with the same color!
(you can get this in ZARA)

Tartan Coats. If you still remember my post about Celine Tartan Coats, I should have posted the Stella McCartney ones up too. Anyways, there are cheaper ones in ZARA that are also chic for me to wear this trend. :)
(you can get this in ZARA)



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