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Remember this post from my wishlist this October? Apart from the Saint Laurent Duffle bag, what is my second favorite that I wanted for this fall? It's the leather pants. I have checked some leather pants out in today, and I found one! THE ONE! But when I read the "price tag", my mouth drops. It is HKD$10,000+, but it worths cause it's made with 100% lambskin, and most importantly, there is a 25% off on any of your orders, by inputting the INTHEFAMILY25. Hurray!

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I am going to choose and style you 3 outfits with this leather pant! Of course, if you think that this leather pants are wayyyyy to much expensive than your budget, you can find some cheaper ones and even jeggings to pair with the same style inside too :)
But this one from Vince is my favorite, and it will be better if it is in black instead of Khaki green.

前幾天我有寫過一篇關於 Wishlist 的文章,除了首選 Saint Laurent Duffle Bag 之外,這個秋冬我還想要甚麼呢?是皮褲!而我在昨天晚上在 做了點功課,找到我想要的啦~不過價錢是有點驚嚇!HKD$10,000+ (還未有加上運費),不過它是全羊皮的,應該算OK,化算吧(?)!不過沒關係,我有PROMO CODE給大家~只要你在 Check Out的時候加上 INTHEFAMILY25 就有75折囉~

因為我想要買這一萬元的皮褲,作為時尚部落客/ 博客(中國內地好像是這讓稱呼的),我在 就選了3套給大家!如果你覺得這一萬元的皮褲有點超出預算的話,shopbop.com還有其他的選擇,皮的 jeggings 也不錯喔!不過我還是覺得Vince的皮褲是我最想要的,如果它是黑色,不是墨綠色可能會更好!

1st look : Color Block Sweater x Leather Pants x Point-toes booties

I will always wear this easy-going, yet "i can change into these in 1 min" look. I chose this color blocking sweater since I wanted to keep everything simple, yet I can still pair and layering with loads of armswags, including lots of gold bracelets and simple rings, like the one I showed you down below, with the evil eyes, and the word LOVE, which I inspired by the latest Lauren Conrad engagement ring (nope. the one next to it), the one with the LOVE word in cursive. To keep the whole outfit chic yet smart looking, I chose the strappy point-toe bootie, or you can just pair them with any point-toe pumps.

因為趕時間的關係,每天早上出門最好就是一分鐘就搞定!所以要穿得簡單,一件穿下去就好了!寧願把好多簡單可愛的戒指戴在手上~以下是我找到的邪惡眼睛戒指,還有LOVE字戒指!前幾天拍外國真人秀 The Hills 的 Lauren Conrad 在 Instagram 上載了她的訂婚戒..旁的LOVE戒指..成了滿城熱話,只不過我這個是正階!要完成整個 outfit,我會選尖頭的踝靴,因為會給人家一種成熟的感覺~

2nd look: Chunky Turtleneck Sweater x Leather Pants x Cut out boots
I hope I can wear this outfit soon, even though the weather is getting cooler but it is still 24 degrees in Hong Kong. Turtleneck is an IN this fall. I was suppose to get a 3.1 Philip Lim structured white sweater/top for you guys, however 3.1 Phillip Lim are being excluded from this 25% offer, so I chose this purple color chunky sweater for you all, and some chunky cut out boots which is similar to the Alexander Wang cut out boots, which are also exclude from this offer, but still we can have these alternatives.

冬天冬天,希望你可以快點來,我有好多大衣在衣櫥裡等著你~畢竟今天還是24度,沒可能穿樽領吧...本來找到一件白色的 3.1 Phillip Lim,不過3.1 Phillip Lim 不在 75折的優惠中,所以我選了這件紫色的厚毛衣,再配上類似Alexander Wang 的 Cut-out boot!Alexander Wang 也不在75折的優惠中.. (哭!我最愛的品牌都不在優惠中你叫我買甚麼..)基本上,類似的側邊有洞的靴子有好多~ 不一定要Alexander Wang,我選了3款給你~! :)

 3rd look: White Tee x Leather Pants x Mirrored Sunglasses
Last look! If you are living in places, such as Australia, New Zealand, etc, where your summer is coming soon. White graphic tees are always the ones that you need, trying to have fun with the mirrored glasses to play it cool.
最後的穿搭!如果你正在澳洲,紐西蘭,恭喜你~你可以這樣穿了~ 白色圖案的 TEE 也是今年的大熱之選哦~加上皮褲再配上反光的太陽眼鏡!一個字「型!」

Once again, remember to check out with your 25% off by entering INTHEFAMILY25
This offer ends in Hong Kong time Oct 18th 2013 14:59:00

再提提你,記得加上 INTHEFAMILY25 有 75 折啦!
優惠由今天起到 18 OCT 2013 14:59:00



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