Sunday, October 27, 2013


<left: Emily Wordworth from CityRags, right: Chérie S from The Tall n' Short (ME!)>

Congrats Emily from CityRags for the zillionth time!

It happened that I was finding some campaigns that I can work with bloggers from Taiwan (I am an Online Marketing girl, so I have to be very on trend about digital campaigns :D), and I came across this Marks and Spencer Hong Kong campaign, which I first noticed from Emily, whom I have been following since I started my blog. I remembered the first post that I read from her blog, was posing on HK Times Square's elevator. I am her loyal reader. XD

完全是巧合!本來我是在找一些網上的營銷活動,希望可以在公司的APP上跟台灣的部落客玩,結果無意中就參加了這次香港馬莎的活動。活動是要在香港馬莎Facebook上投票給你心水的造型,也因為本小姐是Emily的超級忠實讀者,很難不會不給她一票!結果她贏了!恭喜 x 無限次!我還記得第一次看她的部落格,她有在香港的時代廣場中間的扶手電梯上擺po!XD

<photo via Marks & Spencer Facebook Page, edited by me>

"Hi, I am from M&S, do you still rmb that you have joined the M&S campaign? Emily picked you as one of the winner. You are going to have a style off session with her. " (jaws dropped) I was shocked when Marks & Spencer called me, especially when I didn't expect to win anything from this campaign. At that moment, I started to giggle in front of the computer and couldn't work for the rest of the day. Sorry boss! Then last friday afternoon, we finally met this stunning yet gorgeous Emily, and her amazing professional photographer Jacob!


Before getting into the style off session! This is ME :)


Emily started grabbing me some nice clothes and creating the plaids/tartan look for this Fall!
p.s. I got blue plaids on my back too! XDDDDD


wohooooo. my grungy x tartan x leather x red look!!!!! (I spy her burgundy boots from ZARA :D)

登登登登登!我的格子造型! (我在看她的ZARA酒紅色鞋尖頭踝靴 :D)

Get my look here:

While I am posing in front of the mannequin, they are styling another winner with an elegant and sophisticated style with beige/pastel color blazers (choosing between blazers and coats) 


Finish the look by adding a touch of accessories :)


DONE! :)

<left: ME! center: Emily right: Suki, the other winner! :) >

Get my look here: 

See how happy I am, grabbing all the FREE stuffsssss! 
Thank you for having me, Emily and Marks & Spencer Hong Kong! This is an amazing experience!


<right: Suki, center: Crystal, the marketing executive from M&S, right: ME!>

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