Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Have you stocked up your Fall Winter clothes yet? I got a pile already, and I am still waiting for the perfect weather for me to wear all my fall winter coats. Wind.... Chilly weather, when are you coming to Hong Kong, I need you! However, if you're currently in the Northern Hemisphere or places near the Tropic of Cancer (Oops. I am throwing out all my geographical knowledge from high school), you are probably enjoying the Autumn breezy weather which I am craving for right now. Duh. I am so jealous of where you are then. Anyways, no matter where you are, you still have to get a peep on this amazing lookbook from House of Fraser. 

有開始買一大堆的秋冬衣服了嗎?我已經買了一大堆等著秋冬的來臨!可是香港還是24-27度左右,我的大衣還未能穿呀!北風.........你快來吧,我家的大衣等著你! 可是,如果你正身處北半球或北回歸線(我正在拋書包中,哈哈),哪你應該在享受著秋風!(我有酸溜溜的感覺)算了,沒關係!我們先來看看英國大型百貨商店 House of Fraser 秋冬的 lookbook!

Pencil Skirts, Polka dots, Animal prints, Bold color coats. wow. I want them all :) I am definitely stocking these up and ready for my second pile of winter clothes. :D They got international delivery. PERFECT! If you wanted to find out more and check out all the products, visit HOUSE OF FRASER WOMEN

鉛筆裙、點點紋,動物紋,誇張亮色係的大衣。哈!我全部都好想要喔。幸好,這有國際航運!我可以買囉~想要看更多,可以到 HOUSE OF FRASER去血拼!

This year is all about the prints, and animal prints like leopards are perfect for the coming fall, or you can say almost all winter. If you don't want to pair the leopard coats, just make the inner outfit as simple as you can, and make the leopard coat pops.


Add some prints and polka dots to make this winter more fun! 

And what I like about this House of Fraser AW2013 Lookbook, is the last sequin party dress, which is almost perfect for the coming Christmas!!!!! Yes. Halloween is not yet over, I am already thinking about my X'mas dress, and this is what I found from their Youtube channel too :) Love all the looks <3


[videos via House of Fraser, lookbook pictures are all exclusive contents on this site]



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