Thursday, October 3, 2013


What did our Australia senior fashion editor, Christine Centenera wore in the Paris Fashion Show?!
That's something that all Hong Kong people are familiar with! I am not saying about the brand that she wore, but the prints that she wore! It's the RED WHITE BLUE bag print! I hope I have the talent of cutting and sewing, because these kind of bags are very not expensive in Hong Kong, yet not matter how heavy your stuffs are, they wont break.

If you do remember in 2011, Louis Vuitton did make these kind of bags with their huge LV stamp logo on, which is almost exactly the same as what I / Hong Kong people can buy easily on the street. At that moment, when I am watching the fashion show at home, I swear that I will rush down the street and buy one the non-LV one. (If you want one, you can also buy it HERE)

Anyways, Christine Centenera was wearing the new Celine Tartan print in the fashion shows, and you can also find the exact tartan print top and skirt on the October and November issue of Elle, Vogue & Numero magazine, and from the editorial inside.

If you wanted to know more about what CELINE had designed for 2013 Fall Winter Collection, you can see the runways below, and they are actually in store now! So check out the Celine store before they got all sold out!

Starting from this week, more and more bloggers started to get the Celine tartan print tops and coats, and of coz the slip-on Celine that I wanted also. :) These kind of slip-ons are becoming Celine's signature shoes!

Last but not least, say Hi to our 65 years old singer, SAM HUI! He is also wearing the tartan print during his concert a few years ago! HAHA! That whole outfit is awesome!

p.s. If you still remember..... I got this. but they are not plaids, they are stripes :) Cheers!

[source via bryanboy, camtyox, stockholm streetstyle]



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