Thursday, October 24, 2013


OCTOBER, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Clothing Brands like Ralph Lauren, cosmetics like Bobbi Brown, even hotels in Hong Kong, like Pennisular, are turning their products and buildings into PINK to support and raise the awareness of breast cancer this whole month!

十月,是關注乳癌的月份。著名服飾品牌Ralph Lauren, 彩妝品牌Bobbi Brown 及 香港有名的半島酒店也有亮起粉紅色燈光及推出粉紅色產品,作為這次嚮應關注乳癌的活動。

Even though it's almost the end of October, we are supposed to be aware of breast cancer, especially if you are a woman, like I do. Two years before, I was diagnosed with a tiny fibroid cysts in my left breast, and since there is still a long way until the menopause age, I did my surgery last year. That is part of the reasons why I become very supportive in breast cancer things. Recently, I was being contacted by a handbag company called Angela & Roi, who supported not only breast cancer, but all kinds of causes. Each of their bags will have a detachable color strap which represents the causes that you support, and will donate a portion of each handbag sale to the non-profit health organization. You can check their site out here:

雖然十月份已經差不多都尾聲了!可是我們還是要嚮應關注乳癌的活動,特別是我。因為我在兩年前患上纖維瘤,雖然已經把它割了,可是我還有很長的一段時間才到更年期,醫生說如果不好好的正視問題,隨時會再有喔,所以我有特別注意乳房的問題!最近,有一間賣包包的網上商店聯絡我說他們在賣的包包有義賣性質的,每個包包上都會有一條不同顏色的小皮帶代表你支持關注不同的健康問題。另外,他們賣出的包包會有一部份利潤是會捐到非營利組織作慈善用途哦~ 詳情請到

*All handbags from Angela & Roi are made from Korea and made with high quality vegan leather.
*全部包包都是Angela & Roi在韓國製造的,包包的用料是人造皮革。



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