Monday, September 30, 2013


For Spring 2014, Raf Simons sent out the message “hyperrealness in the daytime” — and so it was! Floral silk dresses were pleated in sprays that fanned from high-waisted black tailored shorts, colour burst in profusion from striped tulip dresses and metallic sheaths were cut and draped diaphanously. It was all very elegant and modern. - [StyleSight]

Dior's pretty garden was toned toxic, seaweed beading crept eerily over shoulders and around throats. Even an otherwise lovely shirtdress in a light gray wool was bound in the indignity of a metallic-pink bustier. Something about that contrast between classic and crass felt like a clue to what Simons was up to: Respect for the past is all well and good, but the future won't wait (a metallic-pink bustier standing in, in this case, for fabulous things to come). He's always been urgent like that. And yet, given that Simons is not one of those couturiers who was born with a needle and thread in their hot little hands, his remarkable instinct for form and color revealed him here as a natural upholder of fashion's fundamentals: silk skirts that ballooned on the hips shouldn't have worked but did, with able assistance from startling combinations of green and ice pink, orange and lilac. - []

[source via runway, details, beauty]



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