Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Topshop Unique was spiked with nomadic global influences. Barely there slipdresses, suede, and crafty details, perfect dressing from sunrise to sunset. - [StyleSight]

The Topshop runway featured acres of naked back, with particular repetition of nineties-ish spaghetti-strap sundresses that dove low, low, low down the spine. Elsewhere, the nineties theme played out in a few other ways, such as the big low-slung jeans with a raw look and a gigantic cuff, and the prevalent suede and gaudy print, both of which evoked the seventies as they were reinterpreted two decades later. Fashion is a hall of mirrors, indeed. Beyond that, it was difficult to detect coherence in this collection: some mirror embellishment, a little raw-edged take on the classic Chanel bouclé suit with slouchy shorts, a soupçon of the crafty, courtesy of batik prints and hand-knits. That's an incomplete summary of the ideas thrown into the mix, but you get the gist. Eclectic may have been the point, but it didn't add up to a strong statement. In the end, what stuck with you was the image of Jourdan Dunn in a long blue bias-cut slipdress as she walked away, revealing the world's most perfectly engineered, enviably braless back. - []

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