Sunday, September 1, 2013


Spending a full day shopping yesterday in a new place in China, called JiaLingNa, located right next to the LoWu Station in Shenzhen, and spending quite a few thousands on getting new fall winter clothes for myself, so I didn't time to update my blog yesterday at all. I promise to show you everything soon.

When I came back home, I spent a few hours / the whole night, in reading back all my rss feeds (more than 4000 feeds for sure) that I had missed for the whole week, since I was too busy dealing with different bloggers in Taiwan, checking back up their sponsored posts at night, yet they never replied any of my emails, but there were still some good and responsible ones of course. Anyways, I am still very happy to work with them, especially when we're no.3 in Taiwan's appstore's overall and no.1 in lifestyle section! Thank you, even though it's still not enough, we have to get more installs.

Add Oil / Fighting / Keep up with my hard work, and now I am showing you what I found interesting and something that caught my attention during the hours that I read the feeds, it's the black & white plaids! This plaid prints just comes up in different bloggers and also when I shopped in China this morning.

p.s. none of the pics below is me. oops. i didn't get anything from this black and white plaids yet. :P

[source via framboise fashion, parfesseux, extra petite, stockholm street style, alleyzh]



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