Monday, September 16, 2013


Where did we went this weekend? We have been to the exhibition just above Pier 4, and what event was that? It's the LADY DIOR AS SEEN BY EXHIBITION. Having previously travelled to Milan, Tokyo and as close as Shanghai, it had finally come to Hong Kong, and they have also coincided with the reopening of Dior’s flagship boutiques at The Landmark and Pacific Place.

This Lady Dior As Seen By Exhibition was designed as a Lady Dior bag which lay flat on the Pier 4 in Hong Kong. When we arrived there, we thought we might need some private invitation as there were two men-in-black stood in front of the staircase welcoming you. I think that's the reason why there ain't much people going up there and see the exhibition. 

Hey people! They are all FREE!! It's open for public.

The Lady Dior bag is one of the most iconic favorite all over the world, and the Lady Dior bags are mixing the fusion of arts, featuring pieces from the most talented photographers, artists and film directors from all over the world and pays tributes to Christian Dior’s roots as a gallery owner. 

What I truly love from this bag is the dangling LD charms, gorgeous rectangular body. That's why it's no surprise that Princess Diana ordered every version she could get her hands on.



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