Friday, August 9, 2013


I admire designers that can turn pajamas/ sleepwears into something that I can wear out in the day. 
I even admire people who can wear pajamas/ sleepwears on the street in a very nice and elegant way. 
This Fall, pajamas/ sleepwear are a hit on the runway. 

Pyjamas can make you think of anything from innocent days spent pillow fighting with friends to late nights sipping on wine fireside; they can be sensual or comforting, a ritual designed to blanket you with the warm comfort of sleep. And like all things that have some positive association, that makes them ripe for fashionable picking; an ideal target for reworking as daywear.

It’s all about the Noir.

It’s not exactly uncommon for pieces of the silky, sleepy kind to make their way into other parts of our wardrobes. Pajamas are one major evolution for this fall / winter 2013, and it’s one that comes down to mood. This time, it’s all about the noir/ black.

If last autumn embraced the idea of masculine sleepwear – think menswear paisleys and polka-dots, belted smoking robes and loose silhouettes – then this season things have softened. The PJ wearing girl is a vintage screen siren, a film noir vixen, a dark heroine who seduces or steals away into the night.

Feminine, mysterious, alluring, and dark. If you want to capture the sleepwear-as-daywear trend as it existed on the fall 2013 runways, then those are the qualities you want to aim for.

Sleepwear as daywear: the pieces.

To narrow everything down, there are two key items that take sleepwear to daywear for fall 2013: the pajama pant suit, and the slip dress.

Pyjama dressing: how to do it now.

The key to rocking a pajama look without getting strange stares in the street is to distinguish your outfit as being removed from the bedroom.

If in doubt, avoid other aligning trends like smoking slippers and bed hair. Not to mention those woman who are around 50ish, wearing pajamas, smoking cigarettes, and with those big pink curly hair tools on the head, and squatting on the road, like those who are being featured on Stephen Chow's movie, Kung Fu Hustle, even though that style is such a classic in Hong Kong movies.

Instead, pair your pajama pieces with exactly the kind of things you wouldn’t wear to bed:
  1. Imagine you’ve stepped out of a Hitchcock film or off the cover of a pulp fiction book, and pair your silk slip with sparkling necklaces, roller-set hair, red lipstick and high heels.
  2. Layer a luxe vintage-inspired coat over a pajama pant suit to make it outerwear ready.
  3. Try pairing a silk pajama top with a skirt in a heavier winter fabric.
  4. Mix in anything a little unconventional: like a motorcycle or bomber jacket, sporty luxe pieces, or some tough punk accessories. Go for vintage yet modern over pure vintage.
  5. Take a silk lace-trimmed slip back to the grunge days with heavy flat boots and a relaxed blazer.
  6. Lastly if you’re unsure, wear just the pajama pant or the pajama top rather than both together.
To be more exact, I found an instagram pic from my favorite Taiwan blogger, who got a shop in Taipei. Oops, I am An. She wore a pant suit from ZARA, which fitted her so well :)

[source via fashionising]



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