Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Not sure if you're aware of the video from NET-A-PORTER that I posted up this morning, Miranda was wearing leopards and having a leopard make up bag, which........ suits perfectly/accidently to this inspiration post! When I read my Feedly (a very nice interface RSS reader which substitute my Google Reader since July), all these leopards just caught my attention. I am still having butterflies whether I should get the leopard sneaker from H&M, which you can see the exact one from Lovely by Lucy down below. Even though they are just HKD$149, I am still struggling whether I should a pair, since I have bought a yellow wedge sneakers one or two weeks before. (I just don't wanna be scold! You can read my Instagram for more instant updates!)

OMG. The third video from NET-A-PORTER's playlist, they are introducing people the leopard shoes. Oops. I am going to get the sneaker from H&M tmr, hopefully! :P

[source via Bekleidet, CamilleOvertheRainbow, HoardOfTrends, LeBlogDeBetty, LovelyByLucy, NET-A-PORTER]



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