Monday, August 19, 2013


With ’60s fashion still a massive trend, it’s no wonder we’ve seen so much of the era sweeping the runways. For the Moschino fall / winter 2013 show, a modern yet 1960s inspired hairstyle was created. The look features a bouncy low ponytail with a sleek or polished feel.

1. For this hairstyle, it’s best to work with hair that’s been shampooed, conditioned and applied with heat protectant spray to protect the hair from the heat of the blow dryer.

2. Once you’ve prepped your hair, apply some styling mousse to help you in styling your hair.

3. With a round brush, blow dry your hair. Make sure you create volume at the roots as you blow dry your hair straight for that sleek yet still bouncy finish.

4. Create a low side parting then section your hair to make it easier to work with. For each section, loosely curl the hair using large barrelled tongs. Clip each curl into place and then let them set for better results. This will give your ponytail that bouncy finish.

5. Once you’ve set your hair, back comb your hair starting at the front section to create volume at the crown.

6. Now it’s time to create your ponytail. Smooth your hair on top (but don’t flatten it) and then gather everything into a ponytail just above the nape of you neck. Secure your low ponytail with a rubber elastic.

7. Take a small section of hair from under the ponytail and then wrap it around the rubber elastic to conceal it. Pin it in place.

8. To really get that 60s look, carefully comb the front section of your hair down to your forehead. You can also secure it in place with a bobby pin if you want to.

9. Finish your hairstyle by misting it with some hairspray to secure everything and to add some shine to it.

We all love how gorgeous 60s inspired looks are and this one is very easy to do. You can wear it to work or for a night out because this is one hairstyle that’s very flexible. You can even amp this look up with a scarf or a headband to go all out 60s.

[source via fashionising]



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