Monday, July 15, 2013


Dare to wear a crop top out in Hong Kong? I am not sure for myself, but if i have nice abs, i can tell you the answer for this question is definitely a YES, and I have been spying for a crop top for quite a long time.

 I saw many bloggers started to wear crop tops and they used to pair it with skirts, as it's already summer, so why not trying on a nice crop top now?! Remember, you gotta have little abs with a little fat to wear crop tops, i dont think people wanna see skeletons or some spare tires out on the street. lol.

Get some inspiration down below!

[images via camille over the rainbow, tuula vintage, afterDRK,
fashionvibe, fashiontoast, fashionising, ohnotheydidnt]



The Tall n' Short
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