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FASHION | 31 Awesome Outfits Inspiration for the coming August

Worrying about what to wear throughout the whole summer? 
Worrying that you're not chic and stylish enough? 
Wanna play it bold? 

That's all the questions on my head during the whole July, and here are some inspirations from Refinery29 that you can try to copy. They are just simple and easy to work with!

Get yourself a light weight blazer and pair it with a white cut-offs.

Feel like your floral sundress needs a little something extra? 
Wear bright-white socks with your sandals for added intrigue.

Take a cue from this street-style pic and punk up a midi-skirt and 
Peter Pan collar with major creepers and socks.

Pull on a long sleeve blouse with complementary colors with a pair of flats.

Buy yourself a pair of matchy matchy.

Pinafores are hot this summer, try wearing it with a printed bustier.

The new way to colorblock? Right here, baby. 
Wear a two-tone vest as a shirt and pair it with jeans of the same (or similar) hue. 
Want to take it even further? Match your shoes, too.

Easy summer pants look chic with a low block heel. 
Tie up a summer scarf in a complementary pattern. 

For a summer wedding guest outfit that won't get you mistaken as a bridesmaid, 
we like wearing a head-to-toe (alright, head-to-thigh) print and topping it off 
with a sharp pastel jacket.

Yep, it's a simple T-shirt and shorts, but for days when you know it'll be chillier at night, 
wrap a thin sweater around your shoulders to combat the cold. 

Stripes and florals are the most foolproof of print-mixing duos. 
Choose big stripes and big blooms. 

A quirky romper might make you feel like a tot, so go the grown-up 
route in the shoe department with a pair of flat loafers.

Cropped, high-water distressed denim looks so cool when worn with crisp blouses and pumps. Pro tip: If you're on the slim side, shop for them in little boy or girl departments. 
The crop will be a whole lot more drastic, and will cost you way less, too.

An embellished tee is all the accessorizing you'll need. 
Wear it with a pencil skirt for a casual Friday this month.

Longer-length shorts with a pleated front can quickly seem like dad-on-vacation shorts if worn with the wrong stuff. 
The key is to wear it with an ornate top and very strappy sandals — pretty, right? 

Off-the-shoulder beauts like this could be paired with something fancy...
but we like them with cutoffs a whole lot more. 

Don't retire your booties during the summer. 
Think "light" up top and choose pastel colors, short hemlines, and easy fabrics. 
A pretty patterned cardigan will keep you toasty if temps cool down. 

Want to do short-alls and not look like you're five again? 
Wear them with your highest, sexiest shoes for a true fashion statement. 

Old college sweatshirts can look a little schlubby for everyday wear, 
but not if you pair it with a super-slick pencil skirt 
(chunky heels in this case are an absolute must). 

Want to pull off a Dries-style, grunge-glam look but can't quite afford its plaid pieces? 
Wear the plaid shirtdress you already own and top a sheer skirt 
over it for a really spectacular peekaboo effect. 

There's something that feels so restrictive about covering our ankles in the summer. 
If you're going to wear jeans, cuff 'em. 
Keep the rest of your look slick and simple. 
Promise — it'll look intentionally simple. 

Dress up sneakers with a slick skirt and a Breton top. 

Ease into the dress-over-pants thing by wearing a tunic atop slim trousers. 
A patterned pair of slip-ons gives the whole thing a laid-back vibe. 

Flat espadrilles can look a little too precious, 
so we like balencing it out with an oversized T-shirt dress. 

Freak showers happen — we know! Puddle jump in style with a fun windbreaker, 
a knee-length dress, and plastic heels that can withstand the wetness. 

A short dress can look more pulled together if you wear a boxy jacket on top. 
Ankle-strap heels help balance out all the legginess. 

Lace shorts can feel really precious, but wear it with a button-up shirt, 
fun oxfords, and little socks. 

Bermuda shorts look effortlessly chic in black (especially worn with a killer heel). 
They don't need much else in terms of styling...
just a rolled-up shirt sleeve and some pretty earrings should suffice! 

Leave your basketball shorts and high-tops at home. 
Pretty-up graphic muscle tees with patterned trousers and pointed-toe shoes. 

If your go-to is knee-length skirts, strappy sandals, and cardigans, 
consider switching to a fun sweatshirt to mix things up. 

When your outfit is relatively simple (like, white-T-shirt-and-floral-skirt simple), 
sometimes you need one really bold color to take it to the next level. 
A red-hot shoe (or even a bag) would do the trick. 

[images via Refinery29]


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