Tuesday, July 16, 2013


If you have noticed on my instagram (follow me for quicker updates), I just bought a Givenchy Antigona Bag, but before I got that, I have done a little research on it, since I am quite afraid of buying a pricy bag, but in the end I cannot even tuck in my long wallet. If you come to Hong Kong, you will probably know that there are at least 4 items that you must bring before going outdoors, shopping and even go to work.
1. Umbrellas
2. Jackets/ Scarfs
3. Water
4. Tissue
So, I need a larger yet chic bag! HAHA.
(Then, I can bring my camera out and snap more and write more posts on my blogs :P)

And who makes me wanna have this bag? Who is famous in having this Givenchy Antigona bag?
Check out below!

[images via lovelypepa, theblondesalad and google images]



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