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As pleasing as it is to see an overall outfit, it’s the details that add up to a cohesive—and chic—whole. So it’s easy to see why stacked bracelets have had such sartorial staying power over the past few years. This trend showcases your personal sensibilities and adds color, dimension, and intrigue to the most basic look.

But assembling a stylish stack is no easy feat--after all, you’ve got to take various metals, textures, shapes, and hues into account--so we’re here to help. Whether you’re a free-spirited bohemian or a polished prepster, we’ve got you covered.

The Trendsetter
  1. Start with a multicolored bracelet. 
  2. An eye-catching wrap bracelet with built-in color-blocking offers a two-in-one effect. 
  3. Build your other bracelets around a bulkier, architectural piece
  4. A beaded bracelet with a bright tassel adds dimension and a burst of color
  5. For a true street style effect, you need a little edge.
  6. Polish off your stack with another punchy bracelet for an ultra-colorful wrist.
  7. Nail Polish Pairing
The Bohemian
  1. Give your stack a DIY feel with a bright, beaded bracelet.
  2. A geometrical triangle bracelet looks like a treasure found in an open-air marketplace. 
  3. A tasseled wood bead bracelet injects your stack with exotic allure.
  4. Next, slip on a visually intriguing patterned piece.
The Edgy Girl
  1. Don’t be afraid to wear a hefty cuff, which will ground your stack.
  2. Contrast an assortment of silver accents with a darker metal.
  3. A bracelet with a metal bar has a hint of handcuff chic and instantly evokes a tough-girl vibe.
  4. Mix and match larger studded bracelets with a daintier spiked piece.
  5. Add the equivalent of a motorcycle jacket with a black leather wrap bracelet.
  6. Nail Polish Pairing
 The Femme
  1. Opt for a dainty piece that’s understated but incredibly shiny.
  2. You can’t go wrong with additional sparkle.
  3. Next, a cheetah-print accessory adds a touch of flirtatious allure.
  4. Balance out subtler bracelet with bigger, flashier stones
  5. Pastel-hued baubles amp up the feminine factor.
  6. A simple, white beaded bracelet balances out all the shimmer and girlier pink stones.
  7. Top off your stack with a thicker wrap bracelet; look for one with romantic rose gold details.
  8. Nail Polish Pairing
The Prepster
  1. Since no preppy look is complete without a monogrammed piece, start with a traditional initial bracelet. 
  2. To break up all the gold elements, add a subtle pop of color with brightly colored beads.
  3. A chunky link bracelet exudes Southampton nautical charm.
  4. Slip on a sophisticated enamel bracelet with a cheeky interior inscription.
  5. Top off your stack with a leather accent for luxe texture.
  6. Nail Polish Pairing
The Minimalist
  1. If you have minimalist sensibilities, you won’t want to wear too many bracelets, so choose your stack wisely and start with a sleek gunmetal piece. 
  2. Next, create the focal point of your stack. A cuff in a high-impact metal, like rose gold, works well. 
  3. Break up your more streamlined pieces with a chain-link bracelet.
  4. Finish off your stack with a single arresting accessory.
  5. Nail Polish Pairing
[images via whowhatwear]


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