Sunday, June 30, 2013

INSPIRATIONS | How To Throw A Killer Bachelorette Party?

Have you watched HANGOVER yet? Have you think of getting a crazy and killer bachelorette party?
What's your ideal one?

Down below are an inspiration article that I read from Refinery 29 for your bachelorette party, 
and what you needed to prepare before having one!

There Should Always Be A Surprise (And It Doesn't Have To Come In A Banana Thong) — Whether it's manicures by a pool, a cover band who shows up and plays all your favorite songs, or a mystery field trip to a surprise location that means a lot to her, a thoughtful surprise will make the party more memorable. Check out this pic from our senior photo editor Christy Kurtz' bachelorette party: Her friends surprised her with a 40-foot inflatable slip-'n'-slide. Yep. Those are some quality buds. 
Figure Out Your Transportation Because You Know Things Are Going To Get Messy — There's a (big) chance you'll be drinking, so unless public transportation is readily available and you're prepared to annoy all its patrons, consider a party mobile when making your plans. If you don't want to hire a limo, you can also rent a passenger van and have a close guy friend, who owes you all a favor, dress up as a chauffeur drive you around all night. 

Think Outside Of The Penis-Shaped Party Favors — Your outlook on parties now isn't that different than it was when you were younger. Who doesn't love party favors? There are a lot of companies who will let you order personalized items in small batches that you can give out to everyone involved. Think plastic cups, T-shirts, or something kitschy that has meaning to your friend group. 

Decorate Like You Mean It — Everything's more festive when it looks like a party. Consider streamers, giant balloons, glow sticks, and even inflatables if you're around a pool. The more ridiculous, the better! Save the pretty things for the bridal shower. 

Brides, Don't Forget The Thank-Yous — This one's more for the special lady than the party-planning committee, but it's an important component to the bachelorette party, nonetheless! Your friends (hopefully) spent a lot of time and effort throwing you your party, so give them a fun thank-you. We love the idea of creating a T-shirt that relates to an inside joke you all started during your bachelorette party. The important thing is to be creative. Between this party and your wedding, they could probably use a reminder of how much you appreciate everything they're doing. 

Keep Things Age Appropriate (If There'll Be Young-ins!) — More likely than not, the bride may have a younger sister or cousin that will be along for the celebration. To ensure they don't witness something beyond their experience, keep in mind age-appropriate activities. You can still find boozy activities that allow underage participation, and it can be fun for all — check out our East Coast editorial assistant, Seija Rankin, at her friend's party in Napa. 

p.s. cant wait for my cousin's wedding!

[images via Refinery29]


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