Sunday, June 23, 2013


I have been spying on some nice swimwear since last summer,
coz my so called  "professional" swimsuit (Speedo) are a little too tight for me now (coz i wore that from high school till now, woops i grew fast lol). I need a swimsuit, seriously, or my back will ache every time i swim. I saw some nice one-piece swimwear in Hollister, and it costs only HKD$89, that's cheap, but they dont have my size :( It's either too big or too small! ARGH!

Last week or even weeks ago, I started to realized that some famous bloggers, like stylescrapbook, friendinfashion, etc., are wearing a new swimwear / bikini swimwear brand called TRIANGL, and I searched for that..... What actually caught my attention is the bold colors, and the silver bikini panties...... WOW.


I have no rights on the lookbook pics, but i just love some of the designs,
so I screencap-ed it and post it up here!

If you wanted to buy these amazing and beautiful bikinis,
you can visit


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