Friday, June 21, 2013


Why is Bling Ring not yet up in Hong Kong, nor even Spring Breakers? Instead, they are always showing those wars or the end of world films. Arghhhhh. Anyways, I need DVDs and I heard that Spring Breakers DVD will soon be in the store! Yay! I guess I just dont wanna grow up, as in I still wanna stay ageless and being a teenager. That's the reason behind that I am so addicted to those high school movies, yep, high school musical is one of them, Harry Potter is another one. LOL, basically because of the pretty girls in the movie. :P So, let's steal the Bling Ring style! Teenagers with adult clothes :) Get some inspiration!

Nicki (Emma Watson) is as vapid as she is beautiful, the kind of girl to do something simply because it was considered cool. Battat describes her wardrobe as an homage to “the most generic girl” at the time, and “very Paris Hilton-y." In other words: the epitome of the era’s partying and excesses. “She’s what we think of as ‘LA’.”

 For ringleader Rebecca (Katie Chang), breaking and entering into the celebrity world meant dressing the part too. With an affinity for more elegant pieces--oversized sunnies and cape coats--she’s definitely the trendsetter of the group. “[Rebecca] would be the one to wear Valentino, whereas the other girls would choose Versace,” says Battat.

Every group of defiant teenagers needs the girl with the connections--enter Chloe (Claire Julien). The raspy-voiced blonde upholds her Rebel Without A Cause status by sleeping with the film’s older, skeezy club promoter (played by Gavin Rossdale) and hitting the Sunset Strip in a tough-girl mix of crop tops, low-slung jeans, and leather jackets.

Sam’s (Taissa Farmiga) carefree and confident demeanor comes from a strong desire to be a part of the in-crowd. Though not a natural troublemaker, she easily plays the role of the bad girl in sultry body-con dresses and brightly colored jeans. “[Sam] is definitely the most fun and sexy,” says Battat.

At first glance your average shy teen, Marc (Israel Broussard) uses his love of clothes to come out of the closet and express himself. (He arguably rocks a stiletto better than any of the other girls!) Described by Battat as the group’s “hipster,” Marc is rarely seen without the coolest pair of sneakers and a scarf to match.


[images & words via WHOWHATWEAR]


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